Elcano Royal Institute

International Cooperation

One of the Elcano Royal Institute’s priorities is to establish links with leading and recognised international networks, a basic resource for research which is also a means to assist the flow and dissemination of information. The Institute has established relationships with major networks and the most prestigious organisations and institutes in Europe, America and Asia.

The Elcano Royal Institute is a member of the following international research networks:
Think-20, The Atlantic Council of The United States, Common Security and Defence Policy MAP (CSDP MAP), Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), EuroMeSCo (Euro-Mediterranean Study Commission), European Association of Development Research and Training Institute (EADI), European Information Network on International Relations and Area Studies (EINIRAS), European Policy Institutes Network (EPIN), The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), International Relations and Security Network (ISN), Red Española de la Fundación Euromediterránea Anna Lindh para el Diálogo entre Culturas, Red de Investigación Iberoamericana de Estudios de Asia Oriental (REDIAO), Think Global, Act European (TGAE), The Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA).

Brief Introduction

The Elcano Royal Institute is a think-tank for international and strategic studies that analyses world events and trends from a Spanish, European and global perspective.

The Institute was established in 2001 as a private foundation under the honorary presidency of H.M the King. Its Board of Trustees comprises prominent figures linked to Spanish foreign policy and representatives of both the companies that fund the Institute and of the Spanish Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Defence, Education, Culture and Sport, and Economy and Trade.

Under its Chairman, Emilio Lamo de Espinosa, and Director, Charles Powell, the Elcano Royal Institute focuses on both specific topics and geographical areas. Among the former are energy and climate change, security and defence, international terrorism, Spain’s image abroad, and demography and migrations; the latter include Europe, the Atlantic world, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and North Africa and the Middle East.

The Institute has a stable team of highly-qualified analysts along with a wide-ranging network of contributors and associate experts.

The Institute’s work is made available in a wide range of publications, all of which are also freely accessible on our website. Furthermore, the Institute organises frequent working groups, seminars and conferences on topics of current interest. Participation in leading international networks and projects enhances its external projection and outreach.


The Elcano Royal Institute is a private non-partisan, foundation. It is independent of both the Public Administration and the companies that largely finance it. Its aim is to study the interests of Spain and Spanish society in an international context and to make its research available to policy-makers, academics, business leaders, the media and society in general. The Institute is the result of a twofold agreement: between the government and the main opposition party on the one hand, and between the public and private sectors on the other.


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Main Research Area:
1. International economy
2. Development Cooperation
3. Energy
4. Migrations
5. International political economy
6. Climate change
7. Public diplomacy
8. Terrorism
9. Defense
10. Area studies


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