Primakov Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russian Academy of Sciences

International Cooperation

The International Projects carried out by the Institute:
1. Problems on the way to deep reductions in nuclear weapons
2. EU - Russia
3. Blue Action
4. Project «Trialog. Deutschland-Polska-Rossija»
6. Euro-Atlantic Security Initiative (EASI)
7. Schlangenbad Talks
8. Brookings Institution

Brief Introduction

IMEMO has been founded by the Russian Academy of Sciences. The Institute is a non-profit organization which acts within the Charter of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Dynkin Alexander is the President of IMEMO.


The mission of the Institute is the elaboration of a reliable analytical basis for political decision-making. The Institute cooperates with federal and regional government bodies, mass media, major public and private companies. In its research, IMEMO takes an independent and uncommitted position.

The Institute carries out fundamental and applied researches in the following areas:

1. Teories of the world economy and international relations, new model of the global economic and political development.
2. Long-term institutional and structural changes in the world economy and in the international labour division, role and place of Russia in these processes.
3. Social factor and modern socio-political institutes in the world development.
4. Globalization and regional integration, optimization of Russia partisipation in the international economic relations.
5. Trends and prospects of innovation development as a major factor of the economic growth.
6. Economic, political and social development of the overseas countries and regions.
7. Formation and evolution of the system of international relations, Russian role and place in it.
8. International security and Russian national security.
9. Prevention and resolution of international conflicts, prevention of international terrorism.
10. Long- and short-term forecasts of global development.


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