Geoeconomic Forum of Croatia

International Cooperation

GEOFO acts on three levels:
1. Promotion of economic diplomacy and understanding of Croatian, regional and, global development;
2. Study of the depth, content and manner of the globalisation of Croatia, South East Europe and The European Union;
3. Establishment of Pax Oeconomica for South East Europe.

Brief Introduction

Geoeconomic forum, Association for the World Economic Development Studies was founded in 2004, after several years of contemplating the need of gathering experts in Croatia and South East Europe specializing in economic globalisation, international relations and security issues. The essential idea of their association is based on the concept of geoeconomics, or the strategic use of economy.

ZVONIMIR BALETIĆ is the President of the Geoeconomic Forum and one of the founders of the Geoeconomic Forum.


1. Economic globalisation of Croatia and South East Europe
2. International relations and security issues
3. Croatia's foreign economic relations
4. Foreign policy structural and political choices facing Croatia and the Region
5. South East Europe and Economic Integration towards Asia
6. The World Economic Development Studies
7. Research of experiences of South East European countries in economic integration blocks



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