New Silk Road Institute Prague, Czech Republic

Brief Introduction

New Silk Road Institute Prague was established in September 2015 in response to the ongoing and accelerating geopolitical and economic changes in the world. In our globalized realm the only way how to strengthen ties between Asia and Europe is to make use of new thought concepts and strategies.

The institute is a nonprofit charitable organization. The President of the Board and the founder is Jan Kohout, the former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. Other founders are Petr Michal and Pavel Heřmánek. The Members of the Advisory Board include prominent Czech personalities such as Pavel Smutný, Vladimír Laštůvka and Petr Nečas.


The aim of New Silk Road Institute Prague is to contribute to the promotion of ideas that increase mutually beneficial cooperation between Asian and European countries, as well as searching for new ways of communication and economic cooperation within the concept of New Silk Road. Above all, the Institute aims to assist in building the world of communication, not the world of purposeless confrontation.

Spreading the awareness about the concepts of New Silk Road in the Czech Republic and other European countries is the fundamental mission of New Silk Road Institute Prague, because it helps to formulate and implement great projects through which these ideas are applied.


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