Századvég School of Politics Foundation

International Cooperation

The Századvég Foundation has extensive and active international relations with foreign think tank organizations, research and analytical institutes. These relationships cover the five continents of the world, and the Foundation also plays an active role in several international networks.

Brief Introduction

The Századvég Alapítvány has been active in the Hungarian system change as an expression of the intellectual image of the young generation. The Foundation, initially in circulation, later on publishing books, sought to demonstrate the values of Hungarian progression and the patterns of European development. The founding college of graduates had an important role in creating the new Hungarian democratic rule of law and market economy.

The current Chairman is Heim Péter.


The Foundation found it extremely important that, in parallel with the publication of high-quality professional work, it is committed to renewing the education and research of political science. Over the past two decades, the Foundation has successfully achieved its most important goals, becoming a recognized and respected actor of Hungarian science and public life. The foundation was registered by the court as a public benefit organization.

Today, the foundation has become a spiritual work of a wide range of activities. At the center of its activity, there is a think tank job that is pioneering in Hungary. Hungary needs well-prepared young professionals who are familiar with the country and the European processes. Government decisions are becoming increasingly complex, so research that analyzes the social conditions of decisions is indispensable for developing a successful nation strategy. The Foundation sees it as a priority to assist with solving social issues of strategic importance both in terms of vocational training, information and research.


The founders have created the Századvég Alapítvány with the intent to:
· Create the possibility of high-quality political science training taking into account practical needs;

· Contribute to the dissemination of democratic political culture;

· To assist in the self-organization and effective representation of civil society;

· To support the new directions of social science research;

· Foster scholarships to train cross-border minorities and young scientists.

Therefore, the mission of the Foundation is to assist in solving strategic issues in the areas of training, information, research and international relations.


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