Belt and Road

2017-05-20, from the 48 Group Club, UK ,related Stephen Perry

Executive Summary:

China has been planning the Belt and Road, by my guess, for over 30 years. This long testing and development should give us great confidence in the soundness of this plan. It will last from 20-50 years or longer and one of the key determinants will be the response of the West. China wants the Western involvement and participation because China knows that sharing opportunities with Western firms is key to achieving the highest levels of technological success and shared returns and, thereby, shared commitment to build and protect this great project. Western companies and finance needs to engage with the Belt and Road now, and the Forum can help them find the right pathways. The construction of the Belt and Roads, Eurasia and the New Silk Roads will be the best thing for peace and security, and most importantly, for spreading prosperity and opportunity. It is now up to the West to respond and seize the moment.

This article was originally the conference paper for Silk Road Forum 2016 and has been granted authorization to use by the 48 Group Club.

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