Establishment of the “Great Stone” Industrial Park as an Effective Instrument of Belarus-

2017-05-16, from Belarusian State University ,related Victor Shadurski

Executive Summary:

There has been a wide support of the Silk Road Economic Belt by the Belarusian population. However, despite the good dynamics in mutual trade, growth in the commodity turnover between the countries, the Belarusian side is concerned by the negative trade balance with China. Therefore, there are justified expectations that a new integration project will contribute to the expansion of a mutually beneficial economic cooperation and decrease the trade disbalance. Belarusian status within the foreign strategy of Beijing has been significantly enhanced with the beginning of implementation of the Economic Belt. Building of the “Great Stone” industrial park was selected as the concrete instrument of expansion in Belarus-China relations, and as the main focal point. The main spheres for the “Great Stone” park residents will be the following: machine industry; medical equipment and materials; biotechnologies, pharmaceuticals, fine chemistry; electronics and electro technics; new materials; optics; other directions. There is a serious point of growth for Belarus in the image of the China-Belarus industrial park. Although some serious problems do exist in the industrial park development, the political will of both countries’ authorities will help overcome them successfully. Therefore, the project has all chances to become a magnificent example of mutually beneficial cooperation between the countries of various scale.

This article was originally the conference paper for Silk Road Forum 2015 and has been granted authorization to use by Belarusian State University.

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