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Make Active and Prudent Efforts to Advance the Construction of China-Belarus Industrial Park

2018-08-23, from Development Research Center of the State Council, P.R. China

Author: Center for International Knowledge on Development (CIKD), DRC

Contact: Mr. Taidong ZHOU, Email:

Abstract: China and Belarus remain committed to building the China-Belarus Industrial Park into a new international special zone which is ecological, habitable, industry booming, dynamic and innovative, as well as a landmark project on the "Silk Road Economic Belt”. Over the past three years, the construction of the Park has been expedited with the promotion of the leaders of the two countries.

Yet, its development still confronts challenges, including the two countries’ lack of experience in implementing the new development ideas, Belarus's weak industrial base, the high reliance of financing from China, the small size of the domestic market in Belarus and limited expansion of the peripheral markets, and the inconsistent product and service standards between the two countries.

It is thus recommended that, the two countries should (i) exchange development ideas and put them into practice steadily; (ii) exchange experiences in reform and development and steadily advance the building of market system, industrial transformation and upgrading in the Park; (iii)introduce a shared responsibility mechanism and properly handle political and economic relations with regional powers; and (iv) proactively push forward the all-round docking of standards between the two countries and establish joint venture intermediary service agencies in an orderly manner.

Keywords: Belt and Road Initiative; Belarus; China-Belarus Industrial Park