WOC: China's Belt and Road Initiative, WOC and Ocean Sustainable Development

2017-09-28  World Ocean Council


Chinese President Xi Jinping opened the “Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation” (Beijing, 14-15 May) by describing the principles, progress and plans for what is being described as the world’s largest global infrastructure and trade development initiative. 

The Chinese President was followed by heads of state from Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, Greece, and many other countries, as well the heads of the U.N., World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization, and other major international organizations.

The input from WOC CEO Paul Holthus, at the event’s afternoon session on “Policy Coordination and Synergy of Development Strategies”, highlighted the need and opportunity for ocean industry leadership on sustainable development in relation to the “Maritime Silk Road” component of the Belt and Road Initiative and ocean ecosystems. 

The WOC was invited to become a member of the SiLKS Network and to participate in the 2nd SiLKS Summit (Beijing, 16 May), recognizing WOC’s role as a unique global, multi-sector business leadership alliance on ocean sustainable development. 

At the SiLKS Summit, WOC CEO Holthus proposed working with the SiLKS Network to develop a leadership group to bring together the ocean business community and other ocean partners in China and elsewhere. Such a working group would identify the priorities for understanding and addressing the risks and opportunities of the Belt and Road Initiative for ocean sustainable development.

Source: WOC