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The Effectiveness, Experience,Challenges and Suggestions of Central Enterprises Participating in the Construction of the "Belt and Road" Initiative

2018-10-09, by ZHOU,Taidong, from Development Research Center of the State Council, P.R. China

Abstract: The “Belt and Road” Initiative has been proposed for five years with central enterprises actively engaged. They have achieved remarkable results in many fields and accumulated rich experience. However, the continuous involvement of central enterprises in the construction of the “Belt and Road” still faces problems and challenges from both foreign and domestic aspects. The challenges from foreign side include political and geopolitical risks, market financial risks and industry standards in the host country. Domestic aspects include international management capabilities, talent security, peer competition, and public opinion responses.

We propose to optimize the protection of overseas core interests; promote of China's  enterprises to go global; strengthen knowledge sharing, guide central enterprises to improve their internal strength; improve the assessment mechanism for overseas enterprises' investment management, provide targeted policy support through multiple channels; strengthen coordination and supervision to avoid vicious competition; and take measures to promote mutual support help to central enterprises.

Key Words: The “Belt and Road” Initiative, central enterprises, go global 

(Source: DRC