“Belt and Road Initiative” and South-South Cooperation is an Important Platform for the Implementation of Sustainable Development Agenda

2017-05-10, from The Finance Center for South-South Cooperation ,related Cai E’Sheng

Executive Summary:

The 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda was signed in September 2015, aiming at eradicating poverty, protecting the planet, and ensuring the shared prosperity of all. To implement the agenda effectively, it is necessary to strengthen South-South cooperation, learn from “Belt and Road Initiative” strategy, and make fully use of South-South cooperation financial center. South-South cooperation, committed to develop countries jointly will promote the implementation of sustainable development agenda. As for "Belt and Road Initiative" strategy, with the goal of the economic growth and regional cooperation, it will be the demonstration platform in achieving sustainable development agenda targets with useful exploration and practice, additionally promote the implementation of the agenda. Moreover, relying heavily on huge amount of technology, capacity and management capability of China and the implementation of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, the South-South cooperation financial center plays an important role to share development experience, promote cooperation in capacity and provide financing support for South-South cooperation as well as the implementation of the sustainable development agenda.

This article was originally the conference paper for Silk Road Forum 2015 and has been granted authorization to use by the Finance Center for South-South Cooperation.

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