Support leading enterprises to lead the construction of production capacity Cooperation network for Belt and Road Initiative

2020-08-25, from Development Research Center of the State Council, P.R. China


China-Laos Railway (Source: Xinhua Net)

Abstract:  Since the Belt and Road Initiative was proposed, some of our excellent enterprises have been actively leading the Belt and Road Initiative production capacity cooperation network which has proved to have strategic significance and practical value by achievements and accumulated experience. As the construction of BRI has moved on to a new stage, leading enterprises are facing new challenges in building the production capacity cooperation network, including the complicated investment environment and inadequate stability, the diversity among different but generally backward business environment in BRI countries, which lead to difficulties in implementing and steadily building the production capacity cooperation network. In order to support the leading enterprises, we suggest: improving the international coordination mechanism for supporting the leading enterprises; supporting the leading enterprises and core enterprises of the supply chain with priority; optimizing the coordination role of industry associations and chambers of commerce, leading compliant operations and regulated competition; taking the lead in setting up operation mechanism, promoting multi-sides joint development.

Key Words: Production Capacity Cooperation, Belt and Road Initiative, Leading Enterprises

(Source: Development Research Center of the State Council)