DRC delegation visited Poland and Belgium

2018-10-09  Development Research Center of the State Council, P.R. China

On September 14th to 21st, Wang Anshun, Vice President of DRC(Minister), led a delegation to visit Poland and Belgium  at the invitation of the State Secretary of the Polish Presidential Palace, the European Commission and the European Academy. The delegation conducted special research on a variety of issues including European industrial transformation and upgrading, service industry and green development.

During the stay in Poland, the delegation visited the Polish Presidential Palace, the Polish Ministry of Enterprise and Technology, the Investment and Trade Bureau and other institutions to exchange views on issues including China-Poland economic and trade investment, Polish technological innovation and industrial development, urbanization and urban governance, etc.

During the stay in Belgium, the delegation visited the Department of Climate Action on European Commission and the European Academy, and met with the Director General of Climate Action, Mr. Petriccione, exchanged views on the EU's low-carbon development green technology applications, and China-EU cooperation in addressing climate change and strengthening the green “Belt and Road” construction.

Wang Wei, Gao Shiji, Yu Jun, Sun Chenglong, and Wang Yingyue, accompanied the delegation.


DRC delegation meeting with experts from the European Academy


Vice President Wang Anshun meeting with the Director General of Climate Action on European Commission, Mr. Petriccione