Long Guoqiang, Vice president of DRC, led a delegation to King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (KAPSARC), Saudi Arabia


Long Guoqiang, Vice President of DRC, led a delegation to visit Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan during Dec.13 to Dec.22. During his stay in Saudi Arabia, Long Guoqiang visited Saudi Aramco, Department of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources and King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center(kapsarc) etc., and attended symposiums on China-Saudi Arabia Energy Cooperation.

Saudi Arabian representative holds the idea that the Belt and Road Initiative is well connected with the "Vision 2030", proposed by Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia would like to strengthen cooperation with China, including third-party cooperation. Saudi Arabia welcomes Chinese investment in energy and non-petroleum industries, which will boost the implementation of "Vision 2030" and industrial diversification. KAPSARC expressed their strong willingness to strengthen communication and cooperation with DRC.


Symposiums on China-Saudi Arabia Energy Cooperation