Mr. Li Wei led a delegation to Kazakhstan


At the invitation of Kazakhstan ’s First Presidential Foundation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, Mr. Li Wei, Chairman of the Committee of Population, Resources and Environment ,National Committee of PRC, Former President and Researcher of the Development Research Center of the State Council led a delegation to Kazakhstan, attended the fifth annual meeting of the Astana Club, and gave a keynote speech on "Promoting high-quality BRI cooperation and elevating of Asia-Europe cooperation to a new level" in the second session of the meeting. Later, he visited Nazarbayev University and the Upper House of the Kazakhstan Parliament to exchange views on topics such as higher education development and environmental resource protection.

Hou Yongzhi, Director General  of Department of Development Strategy and Regional Economy, attened the delegation.


Mr. Li Wei gave a keynote speech 


      Mr. Li Wei interviewed by Kazakhstan medias


Mr. Li Wei visited Nazarbayev University