Mongolia and the Belt & Road

2017-05-10, by Damba Ganbat, from Institute for Strategic Studies (ISS), Mongolia

Executive Summary:

Mongolia has been taking efforts to develop multilateral cooperation at the regional level, catching the opportunity to establish trilateral mechanism with China and Russia. Several meetings among official administers were conducted to discuss the program of Mongolia-China-Russia economic corridors particularly on infrastructure and transit transportation. Mongolia is aiming to become a Eurasian transport-logistic hub and a continental bridge. By doing so, Mongolia will become a transit corridor connecting Asia and Europe, especially China and Russia through the closest and safest route. Mongolia has unique strengths in geography, security and energy resources, and weaknesses on economy, competition, ecology and finance. Thus, establishing “Mongolia-China-Russia economic corridor” will not only bring opportunities to drastically enhance trade and economic cooperation, but also certain challenges for Mongolia. Mongolia expects to develop more constructive and closer cooperation with Russia and China, and to establish regular cooperation mechanism.

This article was originally the conference paper for Silk Road Forum 2015 and has been granted authorization to use by the Institute for Strategic Studies of Mongolia.

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