Silk Road on the Central and Eastern Europe Angle

2017-05-15, by Slawomir Majman, from Polish Investment and Trade Agency

Executive Summary:

Poland is interested in all three dimensions of the great Chinese vision One Belt One road, including the political, economic and logistic dimensions. Therefore, Poland gets actively involved into various Chinese initiatives starting from semi regional 16 plus 1 concept finishing with becoming founding member of the AIIB-the project aimed at the reconstruction of global financial order. However, while the political relations between the two countries are as good as never before, the asymmetry in trade balance is indisputable: one to eleven. The way to improvement is not curbing Chinese exports but increasing the Polish exports. Poland is on daily basis proving how highly ranked is developing relations with China for the Polish government and business leaders. For instance, the Polish side created special set of instruments to encourage business development with China including special competence center: Poland-China Cooperation Center. This unique Center is designed to help Chinese investors to get into Poland as smoothly as possible. The major commodity of Poland is its economic, financial and political stability and predictability. Both China and Poland are seeking pragmatical solutions to problems. The dreams of these two nations could go together.

This article was originally the conference paper for Silk Road Forum 2015 and has been granted authorization to use by Polish Investment and Trade Agency.

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