Thoughts on Silk Road Think Tank Network

2017-05-16, from the 48 Group Club, UK ,related Stephen Perry

Executive Summary:

The Silk Road Think Tank Network is a great contribution to the Silk Road project which brings about the opportunity to realise joining Asia and Europe by land, which will contribute substantial economic development to the world. The specific measures the Silk Road Think Tank Network can take are as follow. First, the Think Tank Network should establish a communication network so that business can always know what is being considered and offered for tenders. Second, the Network should concern itself with establishing a multinational – and possibly multi-language – magazine that promotes understanding to business of what has happened, is happening and will happen. Third, the Network should promote within itself a business group who ensure that they are communicating on a macro level how the business community is engaging and how that can be improved. Last but not least, the Network might consider establishing a network of Silk Road Trade Promotion Organisations (SRTPO) in each country that wishes to participate.

This article was originally the conference paper for Silk Road Forum 2015 and has been granted authorization to use by the 48 Group Club, UK.

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