The 4th Silk Road Forum highlights global sustainable development



Chinese Vice Premier Hu Chunhua addresses to the opening ceremony of the fourth Silk Road Forum in Paris, France, on Dec. 7, 2018. [Photo: China Plus]

(China Plus) The latest international Silk Road Forum has wrapped up in Paris with officials and representatives from around the world calling for jointly building the Belt and Road and promoting global sustainable development.

This year, over 300 representatives from 35 countries and regions flocked to the city for the annual international event.

The discussion around Chinese initiative in connection with issues including building an open world economy, promoting green and low-carbon development, and the new round of sci-tech revolution was high on the agenda.

Li Wei with the Development Research Center of the State Council, one of the forum's organizers, says there have been growing signs of deep-seated contradictions in the global economy.

He says the belt and road initiative is designed to eliminate these contradictions and promote global sustainable development.

"Over the past few decades, the main problem of economic globalization lies in lacking balance and inclusiveness. On the one hand, interests are not evenly shared by developed countries and developing countries. On the other hand, interests are not evenly shared by every stratum of society. Facing the situation, the Chinese government has come up with a more open, inclusive and balanced path with the aim of building a community with a shared future for mankind, " says Li Wei.

Former Prime Minister of France,Jean-Pierre Raffarin,says international cooperation is particularly important when facing severe challenges in the world economy, and the Belt and Road Initiative helps to promote international cooperation.

"We are opposed to conflict and in support of cooperation as China does. Cooperation is the key to global balance. Now in Europe, we have seen opportunities brought about by the 'Belt and Road Initiative', and I think we should take the chance."

Proposed by China in 2013, the Belt and Road Initiative upholds the principles of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, and has won support and participation of over 100 countries and international organizations.

Chinese Vice Premier Hu Chunhua says the initiative has been progressing steadily from a vision to a reality and generated fruitful results.

"As of now, 148 countries and international organizations around the world have signed cooperation documents of jointly building the Belt and Road with China. The Belt and Road Initiative and its core ideas have been incorporated into the documents of international organizations such as the United Nations and the G20. The successful completion of a batch of railways, roads, ports and municipal projects has brought local people tangible benefits," says Hu Chunhua.

The Silk Road Forum was launched in 2014 and is the first international forum on the Belt and Road Initiative held outside the Chinese mainland.

It was held in Turkey, Spain and Poland respectively from 2014 to 2016.

The Belt and Road Initiative refers to the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, aiming to build a trade and infrastructure network connecting Asia with Europe and Africa along the ancient trade routes of the Silk Road.