About the Secretariat of the Silk Road Think Tank Network


The Secretariat of the Silk Road Think Tank Network is located at the Department of International cooperation of the Development Research Center of the State Council of the PRC under the leadership of the Secretary-General. The Secretariat is tasked with: first, strengthening collaboration among its members and partners while promoting knowledge sharing and common development of members and partners; second, boosting the influence of the Silk Road Think Tank Network and affording high-caliber intellectual support for the “Belt and Road Initiative”; third, conducting cooperative research, discussion and exchanges with members regarding the priorities of the “Belt and Road Initiative”; fourth, jointly organizing the Silk Road International Forum and related special conferences with relevant institutions; fifth, facilitating the network communication and online platform development, including the publications of SiLKS Newsletter, database, and e-SiLKS update, etc.; sixth, making daily work contacts with members and partners and providing service and support for them.



Tel: 86-10-51780902

Fax: 86-10-65236060

E-mail: SiLKS.Secretariat@outlook.com

Website: www.esilks.org